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About the Uni Project

cart-closed-diagramThe Uni Project is a nonprofit committed to increasing access to books and learning opportunities through pop-up, open-air reading rooms. Based in New York City, we operate reading rooms that bring architect-designed structures, high quality books, and dedicated staff, to the city’s plazas, parks, and public spaces. We partner with community-based organizations, and we prioritize underserved NYC neighborhoods. See where we go!

We also send kits around the world so others can copy our model. Get a Uni!


national book foundationWinner 2013 Innovations in Reading Prize.

monum_BostonLOGO _100Winner 2014 Mayor of Boston’s Public Space Invitational.

Where we go

cart-open_75 We’re planning our 2015 season right now! Contact Leslie to become a sponsor.

Thank you to our staff, supporters, partners, and volunteers for a great 2014 season!

  • 430 hours of public reading rooms.
  • 107 deployments in 26 neighborhoods.
  • High-quality books, dedicated staff, architect-designed infrastructure.
  • Creating a new place to learn in NYC.

Contact us to bring a Uni reading room to your neighborhood.

Uni on Governors Island

Uni-cart-above-crA new initiative brought the Uni to 35 play streets in Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.

Donate to the Uni

The Uni is a project of Street Lab, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.