Our residency in Washington Square Park rolls along, and today we switched things up to offer our DRAW program, a open-air art studio featuring fine art materials donated by Blick Art Materials, an artist-in-residence, and special materials contributed by The Drawing Center. Thanks to our host Washington Square Park Conservancy. Made possible by Washington Square Park Conservancy, the City Parks Foundation, and the NYU Community Fund. Thanks also to our individual supporters, who help us make a place for learning in the park and all over the city. See you next week, see the schedule of our next visits here.

You can download these images here and share them for non-commercial and educational use. Read more about our image use policy here.

We're getting a "new" name... Street Lab.

The Uni Project is the work of Street Lab, a nonprofit launched in 2006 in Boston, where we created community-oriented programs for public space. In 2011, we migrated Street Lab to New York City and launched the Uni Project. The Uni began as a single, portable reading room and has since grown into a city-wide initiative offering more than 700 days of pop-up programming in 150+ public spaces across the city. In 2019, we are re-introducing our original name Street Lab to tie all this work together going forward, with much more to come.

For now, details about our programs are available here on the Uni Project web site. Soon, that content will move to www.streetlab.org. Thanks for sticking with us!