All of our programs are based around a simple activity that New Yorkers can do together in public space. Our latest program WRITE just began a month-long residency at Chelsea Market—come join us every Sunday from 11am-2pm! WRITE is being developed in partnership with Therese Cox, a Heyman Center Public Humanities Fellow at Columbia University. Thanks to Chelsea Market for hosting our latest experiment.

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Look back at more of our deployments at Chelsea Market:

Drawing and learning about bees at Chelsea Market

Thanks to the entire clan of Zack & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm for joining us today at Chelsea Market! We gathered around a still life about bees and honey, learned about bee keeping, and tasted some samples. Draw with us every Sunday from 11am-2pm in Chelsea Local on the...

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Residency of DRAW NYC at Chelsea Market extended

Another great day in Chelsea Market as we gathered around a still life created with local shop Posman Books. Hang out with us every Sunday from 11am-2pm in Chelsea Local on the lower level of the market. We've extended our residency through April 14. Check our...

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We're getting a "new" name... Street Lab.

The Uni Project is the work of Street Lab, a nonprofit launched in 2006 in Boston, where we created community-oriented programs for public space. In 2011, we migrated Street Lab to New York City and launched the Uni Project. The Uni began as a single, portable reading room and has since grown into a city-wide initiative offering more than 600 days of pop-up programming in 150+ public spaces across the city. In 2019, we are re-introducing our original name Street Lab to tie all this work together going forward, with much more to come.
For now, details about our programs are available here on the Uni Project web site. Soon, that content will move to Thanks for sticking with us!