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Our 2017 Supporters

*Thank you to donors who have contributed to our year-end fund drive for 2018!


Violet Donors ($5000+)

Lisa Brown and Daniel Handler

Blue Donors ($2500+)

*Coombe Family Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Karen and Daniel Taylor

Green Donors ($1000+)

*Bill Bancroft
Tina Gonzalez Barton
Romy and David Cohen
*Laurie Dornbrand and Bernard Lo
Laura and Robert Fleder
*Amanda Moretti and Gregory Lee
*Ellyn and James Polshek
Red and Grey Fund, Josh Goldfein and Yvonne Brown
Philip Wharton

Yellow Donors ($500+)

Anna and Peter Davol
*Ferriss and Willard Donham
*Andrea and Jared Eigerman
Emma and Michael Fusco-Straub
*Ellie Hearne and Will Klebenov
Kristin and Jeremy Osborn
Vanessa Rahman
Susan and Peter Straub

Orange Donors ($250+)

Sarah Baker and Tim Albright
*Susanne Beck and Billy Parker
*Jane Bock and John Chow
Barbara L. Cohen
*Magdalena and Ken Gordon
Laura Hansen
*Jessica Kaplan
*Ann and Michael Loeb
Rasheed Lucas
Susan Martin
Maureen Naff
Alexandra Quinn
Elizabeth Schmidt and Eric Liftin
*Yukie Ohta and Arnaud Gibersztajn
Lise and Myles Striar Charitable Fund
Maria Striar
The Ronald and Adele Tauber Foundation
Heli and Bill Tomford, in honor of Laura Miller, a retired teacher celebrating her 95th birthday
John Woo

Red Donors ($100+)

*Matthew Amory
Markley Boyer
*Polly Carpenter
*Elizabeth and Robert Clark
Therese Cox
*Angus Davol and Jason Casolari
Stewart Desmond
Jean L. and John J. Entwistle
Samara and John Fangman
*Mary Sipp Green
Sharon French and Harpreet Grewal
Brenden Hussey
Carolyn King
Angela Kyle
*Nancy and John LeGates
Susan Lerner
Stephin Merritt
Laura Miller
The Park Fund
Nancy A Risser
*Laura Ryan and Peter Cavanagh
Jennifer Sale
*Elizabeth Solie
Nancy Schieffelin and Carl Brauer
Siri Striar and Francisco Hernández
*Sarina Tcherepnin and James Morris
*Drs. Shari and Robert Thurer
Laurence Vanleynseele and Jared Green
Sally Vernon
Sandy and Barney Weinstein


Earl Butler
Kristy Di Cario
Ethan Herschenfeld
Alice Jelin Isenberg
*Adynah Johnson
*Terry and Geoffrey Lewis
*Lisa Savcak
*Sitara Sawh
Georgia Silvera Seamans
*Amy Sloper
Rica Takashima
Janet Torsney
Stephanie Yee


New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York State Council on the Arts, Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer

Foundations and Corporations:

Shippy Foundation, Leaves of Grass Fund, NYC Department of Transportation via OneNYC Plaza Equity Program, The Charles H Revson Foundation, The Laura B. Vogler Foundation, Burning Man, Blick Art Materials, Ong Family Foundation, SHoP, TD Bank, through the TD Charitable Foundation

Founding Sponsors of SOLVE

Founding Sponsors of DRAW

Burning Man, Blick Art Materials, Betty Chen and Peter Coombe, Romy and David Cohen, Laura and Robert Fleder, Evgenia Peretz, Fabiola Salmán, SHoP, Karen and Daniel Taylor

Founding Sponsors of READ

Susanne Beck and Billy Parker, Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown, Leaves of Grass Fund, Sam and Esme Lee, Karen
and Daniel Taylor

In-Kind Donations

FileMaker Inc, NYC Department of Transportation, George Mercado and Bean Y Vino Restaurant, Modern Tribe Software, Tableau Foundation, Texas A&M GeoServices, Wackystuff, Inc. makers of FlipBooKit

Book Donors

826NYC, Asian American Arts Centre, BMW Guggenheim Lab, Karen Benke, Samantha Berger, Blast Books, Jane Bock, Yvonne Brown and Josh Goldfein, Alejandro Bruzzese, Barbara Buff, Candlewick Press, Veronica Chambers, China Institute, Barbara Cohen – New York Bound Books, Sarah Crichton, Leslie and Sam Davol, Design Trust for Public Space, Kristy Di Cario, Will and Ferriss Donham, The Dornbrand-Lo Family, Abby Drucker, Feminist Press, The Fire!! Press, Furnace Press and Place in History, Joel Greenberg, Beth Greenwald, Chelsea Gunn, Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown, HarperCollins, Ethan Herschenfeld, Terry Hill, Imago USA, Island Press, Rossana Iturbide, Marni Katz, Embassy of Republic of Kazakhstan (Ambassador Erlan Idrissov), Alexandra Kepner, T.J. Lee, Beatrice Liu, Yanyan Liu, Louis Armstrong House Museum, Ken McCarthy, Employees of Merkle, Inc, Amy Morilla and Family, James Morris, Museum of Chinese in America, Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, NYC Department of Transportation, New York Hall of Science, Jeffrey Oing, Adrienne Onofri, Christine O’Heron, Yukie Ohta, Kristin and Jeremy Osborn, Out Books on Wheels, Jeannie Park, Penguin Random House, Monica Price, Progressive School of Long Island, Deb Putnoi, Reading Group Choices, Kathleen Salley, The Parkhill Willett Family, Ellie Ransom, Rosemary Rivera, Sesame Workshop, Carla Torres, Uprise Book Project, Lou-Anne Williams.

* In 1704, Isaac Newton noted in his book Optiks that a prism could disassemble white light into separate colors. We’ve borrowed this idea for our donor levels above.

The first Uni was built with the support of 250 individuals in August 2011 via Kickstarter. Thank you to our early supporters!

Founding Sponsors

Susanne Beck and Billy Parker, Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown, Leaves of Grass Fund, Sam and Esme Lee, Karen and Daniel Taylor

Founding Donors

Anonymous, Sarah Baker and Tim Albright, Sarah Anderson, Bernice Broyde, Susannah and Tommy Clark, Barbara L Cohen, Angus Davol and Jason Casolari, Anna and Peter Davol, Ferriss and Willard Donham, Martin Dunn, Andrea and Jared Eigerman, Stephanie and John Fan, Laura and Robert Fleder, Yvonne Brown and Josh Goldfein, Ken and Magda Gordon, Siri Striar and Francisco Hernández, David Kaiser, Elizabeth Schmidt and Eric Liftin, Laurie Dornbrand and Bernard Lo, Ann and Michael Loeb, Hope Nguyen, Allison and Craig Schlanger, Lise and Myles Striar, Adele and Ronald Tauber and Family, Duane Valz, The Venkatraman Family, Yun Soo and Adrian Vermeule.

Founding Contributors

Adam, Ravi Ahmad, Aimee, Alexandra, Lulu Almana, Matt Amory, Derek Attig, Samuel Baker, Casey Bauer, Nicholas Benson, Claudia Bernheim, Suzanne Besser, BibiAndFriendsTV, David Bither, Sheri Bjornson, Shantel Blakely, Jane Bock, Clara Bohrer, BookMortician, Nancy Schieffelin and Carl Brauer, Zana Briski, Nathan Brown, Kathleen Burlingame, Polly Carpenter, Tobias Carroll, Mairead Case, Laura Ryan and Peter Cavanagh, Betsy Cavanaugh, Benjamin Chabot-Hanowell, Chris Chambers-Ju, Arthur Chandler, Vincent Audette-Chapdelaine, Ksenia Cheinman, Amy Cheung, David Cicconi, Brian Clancy, Elizabeth and Robert Clark, Jennifer Clark, Carrie Cleary, Henri Clinch, John Cohen, Kathleen Comeau, Confusedcious, Eric Connally, Jennifer Cooke, Betty Chen and Peter Coombe, Garen Corbett, Mark and Sylvia Cord, Elaine Cory, Laura Costello, Gail Courtney, John Cramer, Elizabeth Currans, DJ Fusion – FuseBox Radio Broadcast, D.J. Trindle, Sophie de Rakoff, Stewart Desmond, Bill Dillon, Priscilla and Brett Donham, Deirdre Donohue, Aaron Dornbrand-Lo, Rainer Dunkel, Evan Didier, Owais Diyan, Meghan Dowell, Doug Eklund, Helen Elder, Elizabeth, Caterina Fake, Fiona, Nicole Fonsh, Tom Frawley, Freemecene, Anthony Fresina, Emma Straub and Mike Fusco, Elizabeth Gardner, Jurn Glazenburg, Claudia Gonson, Laurence Vanleynseele and Jared Green, Mary Sipp Green, Nick Green, Brian Greene, Sharon French and Harpreet Grewal, Alexa Hamilton, Michael Hearst, Eric Hellman, Barbara Herman, Linsey Herman, Orin Herskowitz, Nate Hill, Teresa Hill, Allie Hirsch, Jan Holmquist, Connie Coburn and James Houghton, Gil Hova, Robin Howson, Brenden Hussey, Isaac, Alice and Phillip Isenberg, Joahna Kuiper, Janet Jai, Erica Jablon, Joshua James, Jeannie, Ranti Junus, Karen Kaletka, Khoisan, Victor Kim, Kimberly Kinchen, Erin Kissane, Sam Klein, Sarah Pearce and Ivan Kreilkamp, Juliette LaMontagne, Jeffrey Lange, Nancy and John LeGates, Lenny, Terry and Geoffrey Lewis, Ursula Liang, Stephanie Lin, Beile Lindner, Darlaine Gardetto and Clarence Lo, Theresa Loong, Helen Luan, Pattie Maes, Ben Mahnke, Roxanne Marcil, Kevin J. Maroney, Jayson Mazziotti, Molly McInerney, Robert McInerney, Fran Mentch, William Middleton, Rebecca Miller, Susan Vincent Molinaro, Lee Moreau, Courtney Moy, Ursula Murphy, Mary-Liz Murray, Mark Nowotarski, Meaghan K O’Connor, Fiacre O’Duinn, Yukie Ohta, Kristin and Jeremy Osborn, Amber Pannell, Paul Parkhill, Katherine Perls, Tom Perrotta, Tom Petty, Plainclothes Tracy, Laura Wolf-Powers, Deborah Putnoi, Sheila Quinlan, Richard Rabinowitz, Red Trillium Press, Hallie Rehwaldt, Ann V. Reilly, Nancy A Risser, Chris Robison, Amy Stasuk Rocco, Rockhouse Mountain Productions, Roger, Susan and Malcolm Rogers, Charles Rothbart, Ashley Salzberry, Sally Schwarzlose, John Sell, Erik Selz, Gideon Fink Shapiro, Amy Sloper, Alexa Smith, Jill Smith, Helen Sobolik, Laurie Spivak, Alexandra Quinn and Mark Spolyar, Stephanie, Stephanie, Deb Steytler artist, Patrick Polski Stelmach, Ayres Stiles-Hall, Susan and Peter Straub, Maria Striar, Marie Sundström, Michael T, Leslie Tamaribuchi, Lisa Tauber, Leith ter Meulen, Martin Thörnkvist, Brian Thompson, Shari and Robert Thurer, Timmy, Tina, Alice Tinkley, Sharon Tomasulo, Sophia Tzeng, Sameer Vasta, Victoria, Kevin Walker, Sandy and Barney Weinstein, Jennifer D. Wells, Anita Wharton, Brian Willen, Rebecca Parkhill and Robert Willett, Mita Williams, Cheryl Wolf, John Woo, Noelle Wright, Paola Yanez, Corinne Zimmermann.

The Uni Project is the operating name (DBA) of Street Lab, a 501c3 nonprofit.