The Uni is fighting climate change

Help us be a 100% climate neutral operation in 2018.
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Nonprofits are polluters too.

Nonprofits like the Uni Project, need to lead the fight against climate change. The first step: admit you have a problem. Here’s our carbon footprint in a nutshell. Ouch.

  • Fabrication 35% 35%
  • Office & Storage 30% 30%
  • Programming 20% 20%
  • Trucking 15% 15%

Here’s our plan:


We’ve started to document the carbon output of the Uni, everything from truck miles, to server use, to material choices in fabrication.


LED lightbulbs? Yup. Partnership with NYC DOT that cuts our trucking 50%? Huzzah! More social impact, less environmental impact.


What we can’t eliminate through efficiency in our org, we’ll offset by investing in projects that cut greenhouse emissions elsewhere.


Carbon offsets are not our way of saying “we’re done.” Rather, “we’re working on it!” Our goal: get more efficient, offset less each year.

Watch our blog for more updates about our progress towards 100%. This fight is on.