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The Uni Project creates learning environments in public space across New York City. Using custom-designed infrastructure, we pop-up in parks, plazas, and other public spaces to offer reading, drawing, and hands-on experiences for all ages. We partner with community organizations and city agencies, and we prioritize underserved locations. We also send kits around the world so that other cities can copy our model. We do this work to improve the urban environment, strengthen New York City neighborhoods and make education a visible, enjoyable part of urban life.

We’re looking to hire great people for these positions:

Program Coordinator (accepting applications)

POSITION: Program Coordinator for the Uni Project, NY, NY.
EMPLOYMENT DATES: Mostly weekends. Dates to be determined based on availability, April-Oct 2018.
HOURS + PAY: Program Coordinators work anywhere from 5 to 15hrs/week. $20/hr.
LOCATION: Various outdoor public locations around New York City.

Download job posting (PDF).Uni Project staff

We’re seeking friendly, motivated, responsible, customer service-oriented people to manage our pop-up learning environments in NYC as Program Coordinators. Work will include lots of time on your feet outdoors. As a Program Coordinator, you will be responsible for:

Uni staff

  • Working with the public: You will be responsible for greeting the public, assisting patrons, and generally facilitating use of materials. This position requires a significant amount of communication and interaction with the public. 
  • Making the programs look great: You will be responsible for making sure the whole installation looks great and materials are organized on shelves.
  • Managing other on-site personnel: We often staff each event with additional program staff or volunteers. You will responsible for managing other on-site personnel to help out with the same tasks as above.
  • Uni staffCoordinating access to equipment: Program cart(s) and benches will be stored inside our truck parked nearby, or stored in a local building. You will be responsible for coordinating with the driver or other local partners to access equipment and return it at the end of day. 
  • Set-up/pack-up: You will be responsible for moving the carts and benches by hand from the truck or storage into public space. The driver will assist on the truck ramp or lift gate. In most cases, you will also have other staff and volunteers to help move gear along the sidewalk, but you should be prepared to take the lead in moving items (wear sturdy shoes and clothes).
  • Coordinating arrival and departure with community host partners: In almost all of our locations we are hosted by a community group. In the event that the Program Manager is not present, you will be required to communicate arrival and departure with our community host partner.
  • Data collection/documentation: You will be responsible for recording head-counts, conducting occasional surveys, and taking photos of each event.
  • Any other tasks that will help ensure the safe and successful implementation of our programs.


  • Experience with and passion for interacting with the public and children in particular
  • Experience in a similar position of responsibility
  • Confidence in representing the Uni Project
  • Strong commitment to excellent “customer service” and safety
  • Strong commitment to community engagement
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to roll bureau-sized stage cases by hand and lift 25lb bins to a height of 3-4 feet
  • Spanish, Chinese, and other language skills and knowledge of NYC neighborhoods a plus

To apply, contact Leslie Davol with a resume and cover letter describing your interest in working with us and relevant skills. If interviewed, references will be required.

“It’s a great way to see the city” – Kelleen

“I definitely felt like I was making an impact. Whether it was introducing young kids to different areas of science/things I will be studying in college, or reading books to kids who don’t have someone at home to read to them, I felt that my presence aided them in several ways. Hearing all the different stories and working with children has also inspired me to do more service work” – Marco

“I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of the Uni Project this summer. It allowed me to travel to different pockets of the city that are very overlooked, some places where most never go, and feel like I had an impact.” – Rasheed

“All was well on Saturday. We had about a dozen kids overall, and some stayed all day. Several I recognized from last time I was there, and some kids asked for Greig, so it’s nice that we’re getting a regular crowd. The kids also have favorite books that they remember from prior weeks. One little boy had been obsessed with a book about frogs, and when I pulled it out for him he said ‘Oh no. Now I like funny books, like the book about Mr. Grover.’ (He was, hands down, my favorite kid.)” – Emily

Artist-in-Residence (accepting applications)

POSITION: Artist-in-Residence for the Uni Project’s DRAW NYC program 2018
EMPLOYMENT DATES: Seven 3-hour sessions, starting anytime after May 15
HOURS + PAY: Stipend of $350 and basic materials
LOCATION: Various outdoor public locations across New York City.

Download job posting (PDF).

The Uni Project is accepting applications from NYC-based student artists to serve as Artists-in-Residence for its DRAW NYC Program in 2018.

The Uni Project is a nonprofit that brings learning and enrichment opportunities to public space in New York City. We began with portable open-air reading rooms (our READ NYC program), and then in 2015 launched DRAW NYC, offering New Yorkers access to high-quality art materials and a place to draw together in public. Between March and November, the program gets an estimated 3500 people of all ages drawing together and making a public performance out of drawing across the city.

The DRAW NYC residency will give student visual artists the chance to explore the city’s neighborhoods and create site-specific work in a public context, deepening their own work while inspiring others along the way. The residency may begin anytime after May 15 (start date is flexible) and may extend through the fall season. One or two artists will be selected. Each artist will receive a stipend of $350 and be provided with basic materials for working on-site (drawing board, paper, pencils/charcoal) as needed. Here’s our schedule and more about where we work.

Successful applicants must commit to working on-site a minimum of seven days for three hours at a time during the residency period, at any of the various outdoor neighborhood locations where the Uni Project has programming scheduled. While on site, resident artists will be free to create work of their own but must also be available to talk to the public and encourage others to draw. Ideal candidates will be able to switch between these roles easily, engaging with the public while they are working, and applications should be written with this requirement in mind.

Eligibility: The residency program is limited to student visual artists or recent graduates living in New York City who:

  • work in painting, drawing, printmaking, illustration;
  • are enrolled in or recently graduated from a degree-seeking visual arts program, either part-time
    or full-time;
  • are comfortable traveling on the subway to all kinds of neighborhoods; and
  • are comfortable sitting outdoors for periods of time and engaging with people of all ages.

To apply, send the following to

  • a one-page letter of interest and a current resume or an experience statement;
  • PDF portfolio of 10 representative images of your visual artwork;

Selection: A panel made up of Uni Project staff and Advisory Committee members will review applications and select residency participants. The Uni Project’s Advisory Committee includes arts professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I get to each site?

All of our locations are accessible by public transportation, and we’ll help you find your way.

What do I need to bring to each site?

We’ll provide you with some basic art materials, and you will be responsible for bringing those and whatever else you’d like to work with each day. You will also be outside for several hours at a time, sometimes in hot weather. Sunscreen and a water bottle are recommend. All of our locations have seating and are managed by our staff.

How does the DRAW NYC relate to the Uni Project’s existing programs?

We believe that taking activities such as reading, learning, and drawing out from behind walls increases access to these activities and also has a broader social benefit, connecting people to each other and fostering stronger connections to community and place. We want to encourage New Yorkers to practice drawing, a hands-on activity that has been a deeply important and fulfilling part of the human experience across thousands of years. When people draw in public space, they are transformed into artists on a kind of stage, and feel proud. Neighborhoods are transformed into places where the value of art-making is recognized, promoted and shared. People walk away feeling good about themselves, their community, and the city. For young people in some neighborhoods, this opportunity can provide inspiration and confidence to think of themselves as an artist.

If I’m not selected, or if I don’t want to participate as an artist-in-residence, are there other ways of getting involved?

You may also serve as a volunteer with the DRAW NYC program by sending a resume and email to Volunteers help manage the DRAW NYC program on-site by keeping materials neat and by engaging the public in various drawing activities.

Will I own the work? Will the work I do eventually go on view somewhere?

You will retain ownership of all original work as part of the program. To promote the program, we appreciate receiving scans of ongoing work to share on our web site and social media during residency, and at the conclusion of the residency, many artists have donated one or two pieces to the Uni Project to be included in our permanent collection. In all cases where art is displayed, loaned, or donated, the you will receive a credit line and be allowed to use the artwork in their own public portfolio.

Truck Driver and Installer (accepting resumes)

POSITION: Truck Driver and Installer for the Uni Project, NY, NY.
EMPLOYMENT DATES: April-September, 2018 (flexible, based on availability).
HOURS: Part-time, up to 20 hrs a week. PAY: $18-20/hour (depending on experience).
LOCATION: New York City.

Download job posting (PDF).[hr] The Uni Project is hiring a truck driver to work as part of a team that deploys our programs city-wide. We are looking to hire a motivated, highly responsible person who will drive, unload, and manage a 16 foot box truck during our summer season. The driver will pick up our truck from a parking lot in East Harlem, deliver equipment to destinations at a scheduled time, unload items via lift gate and hand truck, sit in the truck during the event, and then re-load and return to the lot. The Driver is expected to maintain a professional manner at all times, communicating by email, text, and phone with supervisors regarding any delays or equipment issues. Safety is a top priority as there are often children at the locations where we work. Qualifications:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • One year commercial truck driving experience or recent CDL graduate
  • Familiarity with and driving knowledge of NYC streets
  • Ability to access Internet for planning routes and email communication with Uni Project staff
  • Ability to maneuver and deliver a 300 lb wheeled cart and other gear to street level via a lift gate
  • Ability to professionally tie down and strap cargo inside a box truck
  • Must be comfortable interacting with fellow staff and have a strong commitment to customer service and safety
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule

Driving Record requirements:

  • Must have a valid NY, NJ, CT or PA driver license
  • CDL is not required, but a plus
  • 3 points or less on a motor vehicle report
  • No suspensions (regardless of cause)

To apply, contact Sam Davol. Tell us why you want to work with us and describe your skills. Attach resume if available. If interviewed, references will be required.

Program and Operations Manager (hiring in 2019)

POSITION: Program and Operations Manager for the Uni Project, NY, NY.
EMPLOYMENT DATES: Position filled for 2018. SALARY: $42,000, Full-time, Exempt.
LOCATION: New York City.

Job Purpose:

The Uni Project reaches an average of 45 neighborhoods annually, providing a total of 150 days of programming. Through partnerships with the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation and NYC Dept. of Transportation, we focus on underserved parks and plazas and spend 85% of our time in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods. We need a hands-on manager who can oversee this level of programming activity for our organization, managing logistics, staffing, and operations, and ensuring a high-quality experience for the public.

Working conditions:

This is not a 9-5 desk job! Work hours will include some weekends, evening hours, and time on your feet in the heat and sun. The work also requires lots of travel around NYC by public transportation. Everyone at our small organization splits time between an office desk and working in the field. You should be ready and excited to step in and tackle physical tasks and also interact with the public. For example, the Executive Director and Program Director often work alongside front-line staff at our installations, reading books to kids, cleaning up program carts, and even driving the truck before returning to the office to work on reports etc. All staff are also invited to participate in the creative side of our work, helping to curate our installations and participating in program design. This is an exempt, salaried position that does not pay overtime, however we will work with you to create a flexible work schedule that does not exceed 40 hours/week.

Responsibilities include:

  • Supervision: Directly supervise at least four part-time Program Coordinators, two part-time drivers, and over 40 active volunteers.
  • Planning: Plan event logistics including truck routes and staffing. Develop and implement a community outreach strategy and work with community host partners.
  • Fieldwork: Meet driver at event site to oversee load-in and help set up. Maintain inventory of supplies and distribute to appropriate carts at each event. Troubleshoot field operations as needed (emergencies, weather). Cover shifts for Program Coordinators and other staff as needed, and be prepared to participate in any capacity necessary, including rolling carts into position, setting up, greeting the public, cleaning up, and loading out.
  • Administrative: Compile weekly program data, such as head counts, time sheets, and other paperwork to submit to Executive Director (ED).
  • Meetings: Attend staff meetings and provide information to senior staff. Attend programming meetings with city agencies and other community groups across the city as needed.
  • Any other tasks that will help ensure the safe and successful implementation of the Uni Project’s public service and programming.

The Uni Project READ cartDesired Qualifications and Experience: You should be highly motivated and have experience or skills in organizing, staffing, and supervising public events. You must be able to work well with diverse communities and stakeholders across New York City. We are a small, fast-growing nonprofit with a start-up feel. You should be excited about helping the organization grow, pitching in, and working alongside the organization’s founders to create a new kind of cultural organization for New York City. Other things that we’re looking for:

  • Strong organization, planning, and time management skills. 
  • Strong interpersonal relationship-building skills
  • Strong oral and written communications skills
  • Experience with and passion for interacting with the public
  • Strong commitment to excellent “customer service” and safety
  • Experience working with low-income communities
  • Confidence in representing the Uni Project as an organization
  • Willingness to travel by public transportation throughout all five boroughs of NYC
  • Ability to roll bureau-sized stage cases by hand and lift 25lb bins to a height of 3-4 feet
  • Spanish, Chinese, and other language skills and knowledge of NYC neighborhoods a plus
  • Photography skills a plus
  • Basic computer skills and comfort in a Mac-based office environment

To apply, contact Leslie Davol with a resume and cover letter describing your interest in working with us and relevant skills. If interviewed, two references will be required.

The Uni Project does not discriminate against any applicant or employee with regard to hiring, retention, promotion, benefits or compensation because of race, national origin, ethnicity, citizenship, gender, age, marital status, creed, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

See our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.