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August 2012.

July 2012

Pedestrian plazas have long been a common feature of European cities. Here in NYC, they began appearing in the past decade or so, organized by community-based groups with the help of NYC DOT. And contrary to what many people may think, most are not in high-traffic, tourist areas of Manhattan, but in the transit and shopping hubs of neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Uni CoronaPlazas are of special significance to the city’s low income and immigrant communities. In many cases, they offer much-needed physical open space for simply sitting and watching people go by. And they also offer symbolic space that can contain a community’s aspirations, and instill pride. These are the new centers of New York City, and we should pay attention to what happens in them.

Below are some of our early blog posts about our plaza deployments. If you are a community group working on a plaza, contact us!NYC DOT

Our Blog Posts about Plazas:

Uni Project thinking about Ozone Park

A reading room on Wall Street

Uni reading room at Putnam Triangle today

Catch the Uni in lower Manhattan at NYC DOT Shared Streets

Catch the Uni every Wednesday at Putnam Triangle in Brooklyn

The Uni at Morrison Ave Plaza in the Bronx

Uni joins One Day Plaza event on the border of Brooklyn and Queens.

Uni on Broadway for Earth Day

Uni helps inaugurate new pedestrian plaza in Brooklyn

Uni wraps outdoor season at Zion Triangle Plaza in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Uni reading room at Plaza33 in Midtown

Uni wraps up four weekly reading rooms at Diversity Plaza, Queens

The Uni Project adds reading to Marcy Plaza in Bed Stuy

Uni reading room helps residents envision new plaza in Brooklyn

Uni returns to Brownsville for Halloween at Zion Plaza

Why we keep going to Corona

Why we keep going to Brownsville

Uni wraps up six monthly reading rooms at Fulton Street plazas in Brooklyn

Uni reading room, Fowler Square, Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

Uni returns to Ozone Park and creates evening reading room

Uni reading room, Putnam Triangle Plaza, Brooklyn

The Uni reading room is packed on Corona Plaza

Uni transforms a new plaza under the elevated in Sunnyside

Uni reading room, Fowler Plaza, Brooklyn

Uni brings reading room to Corona

Uni, Putnam Triangle Plaza, Brooklyn

Uni returns to Corona Plaza in Queens

Uni Reading Room season gets underway on Putnam Plaza, Brooklyn

Uni reading room helps celebrate big gift to NYC plazas

NYC DOT will share groundbreaking work with streets, on the street, in Uni

Can the Uni be in two places at once? Yes.

Uni deploys to empty lot in Queens to help envision new public space

Uni helps inaugurate plaza in one of city’s most diverse neighborhoods

Reading together in public on Pitkin Plaza, Brooklyn

Creating a reading room in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Uni in Corona with Queens Museum

Uni back on Corona Plaza, seventh time

Uni in Ft. Greene, meeting readers, beating the rain

Uni Jackson Heights

Uni adds reading to street in Jackson Heights

Uni at Corona Plaza, Queens

Uni at Corona Plaza with Queens Museum of Art

Uni Corona, Queens

Uni back in Corona, Queens

Uni in Clinton Hill

Uni deploys to Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

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