DRAW NYC gives people access to high-quality art materials and a place to draw together in public. Program elements:

  • A custom-designed cart that rolls into place and unfolds to reveal materials, drawing boards, and benches for seating;
  • High-quality art materials, including paper, pencils, charcoal;
  • Drawing prompts contributed by artists, illustrators, and authors, including: Lynda Barry, Becky Cooper, Andy Deck, Yifat Gat, Melissa Guion, Afzul Hossain, Nicole Law, Matteo Pericoli, Jessica Solomon, Bob Staake, Sarah Sze, and Rachel Urkowitz;
  • Artists-in-residence, who receive a stipend and materials in exchange for working alongside the public and providing inspiration;
  • Teaching Artists and visiting artists, who lead special activities;
  • Communal portfolio of drawings by New Yorkers;
  • Staff, volunteers, and educators to facilitate.

Help bring drawing to underserved NYC neighborhoods.

Other ways to get involved:

  • Apply to be an Artist in Residence.
  • Artists, illustrators, educators: share a prompt and inspire New Yorkers to draw.
  • Contact us to bring DRAW NYC to your community.

From our Artists in Residence:

“I felt like some moments could change something, maybe one moment could change someone’s life.”

— 2017 AIR Luyi Wang

“What I enjoyed most were the personal interactions I had..Being an AIR strengthened my desire to take a more active role as an artist in my community, and to engage with the public more as an artist and art educator.”

— 2015 AIR Susan Coyne

“Most of all, I appreciated the opportunity to connect with members of so many different communities in NYC through art, rather than producing work as an anonymous observer.”

— 2015 AIR Genevieve Irwin

2018 Sponsors:

Lisa Brown &
Daniel Handler

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2018 Supporters:

DRAW NYC is made possible in part with public funds from Creative Engagement, supported by New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
DRAW NYC is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Materials donated by:

Blick Art Materials has generously donated high-quality art materials to DRAW NYC since 2015.

Blog posts about DRAW NYC:

Drawing and learning about bees at Chelsea Market

Thanks to the entire clan of Zack & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm for joining us today at Chelsea Market! We gathered around a still life about bees and honey, learned about bee keeping, and tasted some samples. Draw with us every Sunday from 11am-2pm in Chelsea Local on the...

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Residency of DRAW NYC at Chelsea Market extended

Another great day in Chelsea Market as we gathered around a still life created with local shop Posman Books. Hang out with us every Sunday from 11am-2pm in Chelsea Local on the lower level of the market. We've extended our residency through April 14. Check our...

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Gathering around drawing in Chelsea Market

Our residency continued today in Chelsea Market! We gathered around a still life created with Kikkerland Design and were joined by our Artist-in-Residence, Hui Ma, and staff Yifan Wu (artist as well). Find us every Sunday from 11am-2pm in Chelsea Local which is...

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Creating a special still life for DRAW at Chelsea Market

Our DRAW residency rolled along at Chelsea Market, and today we gathered around an amazing still life created with the folks at Dickson's Farmstand Meats. Thanks to our Artist-in-Residence, Hui Ma, and staff Yifan Wu (artist as well), and volunteers from The Garden...

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The working prototype cart and drawing boards for DRAW NYC was funded by a grant from Burning Man. The cart design was adapted from designs made for the Uni Project by Höweler + Yoon Architecture for our READ program. Fabricator is Bill Bancroft of Essex, MA. Program development assistance by Ariana Austin of French Thomas Creative. Thanks to artist Deb Putnoi for first bringing drawing to the Uni in 2011.

Founding Sponsors:

Fabiola Salmán

Betty Chen &
Peter Coombe

Laura & Robert

Romy &
David Cohen

Karen & Dan

Evgenia Peretz