Small Projects

Small Projects

Here are some small projects and tasks that we’re trying to get done so that our portable reading rooms keep rolling, serving NYC. We’re a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization, and you can make a contribution by offering your skills. Contact us to get involved. Thank you!

Woodworking: Standing Sign (click to open)

Standing Signs for Portable Reading Room Carts

We’re looking for a woodworker who can help fabricate new signs for our reading room carts. The carts change themes as they move across the city, so we print new text on clear labels which are afixed to standing plywood signs. We need to create four 11″x17″ standing signs from Grade A, light color, oak or maple plywood. The surface should be smooth and without major belmishes, so that the labels will stick to the surface and be legible.

The main sign board is 11″ x 17-3/8″. The base is 11″ square.

 The sign board rests in a Dado cut in the center of the base, and both pieces detach when the sign is taken down at night. The dado cut should be measured to the exact width of the actual plywood stock, so that the sign stands firmly at 90 degrees and won’t sway or fall over. We can sand and finish the work (2 coats poly) ourselves in our office—so the sign could be delivered raw.

The Uni Project is the operating name (DBA) of Street Lab, a 501c3 nonprofit.