Where we work

Public space, in all five boroughs of New York City.

Deployments since 2011. Larger dots indicate more visits.

We go to NYC Plazas...

...and NYC Street Festivals

...and NYC Play Streets

...and NYC Parks & Playgrounds

Since 2011, we’ve offered over 500 days of programming in 150+ public spaces across New York City. We respond to requests from local groups who serve as our host partners. We have 100+ community partners, and 86% of our work is in low/moderate-income areas. We partner with NYC Department of Transportation and NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, and we align our work with citywide initiatives focused on resource equity, parks, plazas, community safety, and educational achievement gaps.

Deployments by Year

We also send kits around the world so that other cities can copy our model. So far, we’ve created 35 reading room kits for libraries, agencies, and organizations across the globe.

Explore deployments on our blog:

Drawing together in the Village

Our residency in Washington Square Park continued today as we created an open-air drawing studio. People enjoyed fine art materials from Blick Art Materials, an artist-in-residence, and special materials from The Drawing Center. Made possible by Washington Square Park...

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DRAW in Washington Square Park

Our residency in Washington Square Park rolls along, and today we switched things up to offer our DRAW program, a open-air art studio featuring fine art materials donated by Blick Art Materials, an artist-in-residence, and special materials contributed by The Drawing...

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Making a place for learning in NYC Chinatown

Our portable, hands-on exhibit about urban nature landed in Sara D Roosevelt Park as part of our fall residency in Chinatown. People tried biological drawing techniques using water color brushes donated by Blick Art Materials and examined urban bird specimens prepared...

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SoHo Memory Project’s portable museum on the street

We build our pop-up gear for libraries and other organizations that want to make a place for learning. The SoHo Memory Project has taken a Uni cart in a special direction, creating a roving local history museum for the neighborhood. Here it is on Sullivan Street...

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Fall residency launched in Washington Square Park

Today, the Uni Project returned to Washington Square Park to create an open-air exhibit about urban nature in the northwest corner of the park. We called it EXPLORE NYC, and our focus today was urban birds, presented in partnership with Washington Square Park Eco...

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